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People should post more often here.


Use some of your charisma to summon degenerates here sandpie


It's hard, mang. It's hard.




>>96 seconded


need more shitposters

File: 1446804298746.png (1.35 MB, 600x1691, failure.png)


Let's have a horseshit RNG thread. Fresh OC.

Yeah, there goes the event.


Hah. I haven't even done EO's in months.


Bumping because surely the event is treating some of you like trash?


Can't even start till next week ; _ ;


get back to the middle route, you crazy fool.


I've been hanging around KCH for far too long. I keep wanting to 'like' stuff on this site.


File: 1450137022760.jpg (9.24 KB, 300x300, 3S3Q6Ao.jpg)



You like by commenting your approval and bumping. Also by making this site have more than 2 posts a day.


all y'all are fagets


forgot my trip




sea men

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I just got a muscle cramp in my bladder and 1) that was the most unpleasant thing I've experienced in a really fucking long time and 2) i didn't even realize that was fucking possible


It happens to me everyday.


I feel like if you're experiencing it every day that might be worth checking out, man.

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IRL question. What do you guys study/plan on studying/do irl? Majors, jobs, anything. Just a thread about what we do when we're not busy being degenerates irl.

I study CS and do code'y things. I'm currently procrastinating because I'm supposed to be implementing a memory management system in C. (Malloc)
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College was a mistake for me tbh.

I've at one point or another majored in:
Computer Science
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Programming

After getting out of retail/food service, I got a job as a web developer. By the end of the 3 years I was there, I was the personal code tester for one of our .Net developers…I was literally paid to hack his shit and make him cry.

Now I'm a Systems Analyst for a government entity, though 90% of what I do could be called "Help Desk" but I get paid like I'm not entry level phone support so that's cool.

I'd like to finish the Management degree, if for nothing else just to have the paper saying "hey look I survived college and didn't hang myself!"

But what I mainly do now is study property foreclosures, as I know some people that make absolutely mind boggling money flipping foreclosures with nearly no effort. 6 figures per flip with maybe a month's worth of work. That's the shit I want to do. My hobbies are far too expensive for me to not be making 200k+ a year


bby you know what I do irl if you stay on IRC enough


Chemical Engineering student, chemical technician who works as a lab analysts for an environmental control company. That is, I pick samples of soil, water, air, etc, and perform analisys on them to detect contamination, the level of contamination, with what is contaminated (oil, heavy metals, etc). Fun times


Architecture student who barely goes to class… but I have been working with a small firm on projects and stuff, I usually help out with CAD and stuff


organic chemist
TA who yells at undergrads
guy who lives in a basement apartment

tl;dr a fucking loser at life

File: 1446843663531.jpg (1.99 MB, 1840x3264, 20130822_182422_Android.jpg)


And there probably doesn't need to be, I propose this to be the "I want to talk about guns and knives and weapons and shit but can't stand the cancer of a mainstream board" thread!

Here's my daily, Gen3 Glock 19.
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Forgot picture


What handguns are good manstoppers but aren't overkill?

I know a few I have in mind but wanted to hear from others


I probably should look into that. I contacted a nearby range for more info on this, they just pointed me to this place that's an hour away from me.

gfdi, this is why we can't have nice things



TL;DR - In the eyes of the law, no handgun is overkill.

Long version:
Short of a "handgun" in a rifle caliber, the major handgun rounds cannon across the board promise a one shot stop. "Stopping power" has much more to do with shot placement, and the physical and mental state of the one being shot than any terminal ballistics of the round.

That being said, modern ammo in the major handgun calibers are so close in real performance that it truly comes down to shooter preference.

I like the 9mm cartridge because at least in my area, it's cheaper, which means I can practice more under a certain budget. It also allows for a larger capacity magazine, which is a benefit (in free states).

As far as manufacturers, as long as you stay away from Highpoint, you should be fine. A friend of mine has a Highpoint .45 and the thing malfunctions every time he takes it out.

Glock, S&W, Sig Sauer, Ruger, Kahr, Kimper, Colt, Taurus, etc…they all make fine handguns.

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I don't think anyone would want to shoot someone else.
Unless he/she is mentally ill.

File: 1447291094224.png (839.03 KB, 800x1129, 922c53333ae87fce0fc63ce214….png)


I'm doing a lot of greatest common divisor shit in class right now and I've written "gcd" as "dfc" at least four or five times on my homework now. Help.


How the fuck does that even work


Well at least we know where your mind is when doing math


>>70 I have no idea how the fuck it works but I came close to submitting hw with "dfc" instead of "gcd"


Get your fucking head out of the gutter


>Implying my head can be anywhere but the gutter

File: 1447197330750.jpg (27.21 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Anybody playing Fallout 4?

Help where did all of my time go


dogmeat ate it all


Infinite health dog is great.

File: 1446742323031.jpg (247.56 KB, 655x759, 9fcf186c6220a90e48995694cc….jpg)


Out of curiosity, how many of you guys are returning from the original KCAD on fb? How many of you guys are new to this and just stumbled upon this shitty porn website?
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Hopefully Tomosumi will continue the doujins :P We have >>>/doujin/ now so hopefully we'll see some activity over there.


I'll probably post in the revival group on FB that this is where new content should be posted, but my alt hasn't been banned yet, and the group is still up so idk.

But yea, OG KCAD lurker checking in


Well it took KCAD a year to go down so I doubt it'll go down this quickly but this place is easier to archive/access/doesn't show up on newsfeed so I feel it's better in a lot of regards

Also better interface cuz click image expands it without bringing up that annoying inner window


reporrting in from original KCAD as well o7


thank you based fuckerberg

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