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How many of you actually fap to traps? 2D? 3D? Both?

Both for me but they have to be feminine and cute in a skirt/dress


File: 1446754661850.jpg (50.8 KB, 453x604, dscf3416.jpg)

If it's cute, fuck it. There is no gay. Hell, I've fapped to myself trapping Suiseiseki before back when I could actually trap respectively.


Huh. Haven't fapped to myself before. Tbh I don't think I'm that good of a trap. I think I'm decent at cosplay but being good at trapping isn't a component of doing a good cosplay so.



Gotta look good in it though. Can't just crossplay.


Basically for me the criteria is they look "cute", so the "if it's cute, fuck it" rule is basically what I go by. There are some rare cases where it doesn't have to be an effeminate cute for me, though. Eg, if there's a super cute asian guy I might be okay with that, but those are much more rare. Also, they kinda tend to be like "but if they wore a skirt…" cases so… I guess that does fall in the initial category.


reporting in


I want you all to fap to me


I'm fapping to you right now.


Send me n00dies bby <3


File: 1446803970891.jpg (43.18 KB, 599x564, CAnp81yUcAA2-CD.jpg)

If you can look cuter than a real girl then you deserve a chance, basically.

At the risk of sounding like a narcissist, I'd say I'd fuck me, lmao

Pic related: you should be this cute!


Not gonna lie I'd ravage your body myself.

You're pretty damn cute <3



Would I tap that? Oh yes I would <3


I alternate between normal/traps/whatever. Also, 2D, 3D, 4D and extradimensional alliens, it does not matter


I feel like I have "phases". I might only fap to traps or things with dicks for like two weeks straight and never get the urge to look at a delicious loli but at the same time I might have a two week period where it's the exact opposite.


File: 1446844897512.jpg (24.64 KB, 650x361, thrust the hole.jpg)


Holy shit

You're cuter than any girl I've ever dated and that depresses me lmfao

But yeah you hit the nail on the head there, if the dick has to be visible for me to expect it, it's past the point where it really matters lol being sexy is all that's necessary



To respond to OP, I don't go out of my way to fap to traps, and usually actively avoid it for 2D, but sometimes ya stumble upon a cute "girl" in a gif or a webm and it's not until the dick pops out that you realized you were just beating it to a man


That's not me by the way, but I'm pretty sure I don't disappoint.
Re-remi sempai… ;w;


As long as one looks cute in a skirt or dress that's enough for me kek


depends, but yeah cuteness and feminine is the criteria. I guess I can say both? lol


mah dick


But OP, that would be gay.



Roll over plz

Also would totally sleep with Remi and Delta


Aww, an anon response. <3


What kind of faggot wouldn't fap to traps?


The confused kind

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