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/dfc/ - Delicious Pettanko Chests

Pettan but not loli. Lolis go to /loli/
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File: 1446764298235.jpg (552.31 KB, 750x1008, 48f4f58f9e7c235f0ba7bb33c5….jpg)


Simple rules.

1) Lolis go into >>>/loli/
2) DFC is for non-lolis that also have delicious flat chests. Think Zuikaku and Katsuragi. Shit like that. Small boobs also fit in here.
3) Nothing illegal god dammit.

File: 1466669484048.jpg (576.74 KB, 2480x3507, 0c86586a5dd96c0af8e38cb4fd….jpg)


no boobe

File: 1451767883358.jpg (98.02 KB, 510x660, fubuki.jpg)


Fubuki fanservice tends to be super vanilla, like the heroine herself.

Sixten rarely draws fanservice scenes. This is not because he is some kind of prude, but rather because he is not good at drawing anatomy. I am totally not Sixten, by the way.


Hi not_Sixten.

The art's pretty nice, btw. Very down-to-earth and cute.

File: 1451482190129.jpg (371.52 KB, 567x800, rjth.jpg)


There was a trashy twincest dating sim back in the day called Yosuga no Sora. While neither the game nor its anime were particularly good, the game illustrations by Takashi Hashimoto were outstanding. Sora Kasugano's silver twintails made me buy a copy of the game even if I don't understand Japanese. Now, Takashi Hashimoto is drawing fan art of Ryujo, and it meets my expectations.


Holy shit, that's pretty top notch

File: 1448148353994.jpg (186.7 KB, 850x1573, katsuragih10.jpg)


zuikatsu OTP btw

File: 1447160885155.jpg (129.83 KB, 850x602, katsuragih8.jpg)




>Zuizui a god
>posts Katsuragi

Well, good taste either way.


I just notice that symbols on her are the 3 difficulties

File: 1447624420640.jpg (171.89 KB, 850x834, sample-c48efa0ce23698a83d6….jpg)


click that like button if u up

File: 1447393134374.jpg (79.39 KB, 850x1087, 09eaf4fa2987b9d45d8dd2579d….jpg)


You niggas be forgetting about taihou's tight holes. Let's fix this shit now.


File: 1447393218716.png (453.21 KB, 821x1000, eab849ef2d70493cc5c22453c9….png)

Speaking of which.. is Taihou a loli or a DFC? Ah well whatever.


File: 1447393275607.png (926.61 KB, 648x923, 4b5d5fbc8df77333a989dffd31….png)


her butthole doesn't seem so tight since she leaks gas so much
SHe's just a pettanko, seems pretty teenish to me.


Def a pettanko and not a loli. I consider myself a connosieur of such topics and relyon my expertise for proper categorization.

File: 1447265147358.jpg (177.28 KB, 850x943, zuikakuh2.jpg)


She's got her own kind of toys.

File: 1447265064385.jpg (182 KB, 850x1511, zuikakuh3.jpg)


nice flat flight deck for planes to take off on, powerful boilers for high speed!

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